"Old World" Inspired Table Top Game Pieces
Sampler Group of 7 Dice Assorted Stamped Dice

Sampler Group of 7 Dice Assorted Stamped Dice

Can't make up your mind on which designs your like best? This sampler group comes with seven different stamped copper dice. The bag will contain one of each of the following designs: Skulls, Dragons, Spelled Numbers, Viking, Tally Marks, Numbered Design and Roman Numerals. 

Product Specs:
Quantity:    7 Dice
Design:      Assorted Stamped Designs
Material:    Solid Pure 999 Copper

Size:          16mm

These dice come in a full grain leather dice pouch!

Each of these dice are handcrafted out of solid 999 pure copper. We start off with an extruded copper piece, cut it down to size, and sand each one till it's a perfect cube with smooth edges, measuring just over 16mm. The design is hand stamped onto each of the 6 sides. The dice is then dipped in a solution that oxidizes the copper, followed by more sanding and polishing to bring back the distinct copper luster to all the surfaces. This leaves just the darker look on the numbering/design parts, giving it a nice contrast and aged look. The final step is applying a thin coating to each dice to make sure that the look lasts as long as possible when being used. 

Since each of these dice are hand made, they will vary slightly from dice to dice. They have about the same roll consistency as standard plastic injected dice, but are not made to be precision machined dice with casino quality results. These high quality dice are in mind for the avid collector and the true game enthusiast.