"Old World" Inspired Table Top Game Pieces
Solid Copper Dice - Viking Design

Solid Copper Dice - Viking Design

Handcrafted pure copper dice with Viking style stamp on each side of the dice. These dice are sold individually to allow you to mix and match and choose each dice in your collection. 

Purchase a total of 5 dice in your order and receive a full grain leather dice pouch free!


Each of these labor intensive dice are handcrafted out of pure 999 copper! First, copper stock is cut to size and then carefully ground down to a perfect cube. The edges and corners are sanded to allow the dice to roll smoothly and not damage the surface in which they are rolling on. Each dice is stamped 6 times using a custom made die stamp, once on each side to press in the desired image. The dice are then put into an antique solution to give then that dark patina, but polished on all the flat areas so only the patina is left in the stamped areas. This gives each dice a bold contrast and an aged look. Finally, each dice is hand coated in a special clear solution to keep the dice looking polished and shinny.